KidniCare+ KIt



    • Urinary Calculus
    • UTI
    • Cystitis
    • Renal Failure
    • Burning Urination


    Safe & Highly-Effective Ayurvedic treatment for various types of Kidney Diseases!

    Capsules – 30+30 caps x 1
    Kwath Churna – 150 gm x 1

    This Product contains :
    Capsule 1- Punarnava, Nimba, Patola, Shunthi, Kutaki, Kantakari, Giloy, Daruharidra, Devadaru, Haritaki- 50 mg each, Bhawna of Punarnavadi Kwath
    Capsule 2- Gokshura, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Mustaka, Shunthi, Pippali, Maricha, Shuddha Gugul- 55.55 mg each, Bhawna of Gokshuradi Kwath
    Kwath- Varuna, Bilva, Apamarga, Chitrakamool, Arani, Shigru, Bruhati, Kirattikta, Karanja, Shatavari.

    Dosage –
    Cap A & B – 1 cap from each twice a day after meal with lukewarm water
    Kwath: Mix 5 gm (1 teaspoon) in 100ml of hot water. Boil for 5 min, filter and drink. Twice a day 1 hour before breakfast and 30 min after dinner.

    Punarnava- Reduces water retention, reduces swelling, regenerates nephrons, reduces serum creatinine & urea level.
    Nimba- Prevents infection, checks pyourea
    Patola- Increases renal function towards health
    Shunthi- Kills infection causing microbes, appetiser and digestive
    Kutaki- Regulates proper kidney function, reduces serum creatinine and blood urea level
    Kantakari- Checks secondary infection
    Giloy- Immumnomodulator, reduces RBC in blood
    Daruharidra- Reduces urine pus cells, prevents infections’
    Haritaki- Laxative, detoxifier
    Punarnavadi Kwath- A potent renal health booster
    Gokshura- Diuretic, prevents urine infection, kills microbes, prevents renal stone formation
    Haritaki- laxative, detoxifier
    Vibhitaki- Anti-oxidant, rejuvenator
    Amalaki- prevents infections, reduces urine pus cell
    Mustaka- Inhibits microbial growth, enhance immunity
    Shunthi, Pippali, Marich- Kills microbes, reduces infections
    Shuddha Gugul- Immunomodulator, lowers cholesterol, reduces hardening of arteries
    Gokhuradi Kwath- A potent renal kidney protective and curative, regenerates nephrons, reduces creatinine and urea level
    Varuna- Diuretic, dissolves and break kidney stone, reduces swelling
    Bilva- Anti-inflammatory, reduces excessive blood glucose level, good to maintain intestinal flora, prevents infection
    Apamarga- Maintains urine pH, anti-colic, diuretic, alkaliser
    Chitrakamool- prevents infections
    Arani- Diuretic, kidney protective
    Shigru- nourishes body, reduces swelling, reduces inflammation
    Bruhati- reduces urine infection, reduces burning in urine
    Kirattikta- Maintain urine pH, reduces burning in urine
    Karanaj- anti-inflammatory, reduces infections
    Shatavari- coolant, nourishes body and tissues



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